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10 Desain Tas Unik dan Gak Biasa Ini Bikin Kamu Gagal Fokus!

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Tas seminar

Tas seminar.Bags are no longer a strange item even bags are very inherent in our daily lives. The price of the bag also varies, ranging from free bags that can be obtained for free, to Hermes bags that cost millions. Though actually the function of the bag is only one, as a place to put important items that we can carry everywhere. But because of fashion , the bag also becomes a lifestyle that can cost millions. Quoted from several sources, YuKepo presents 10 anti-mainstream bag designs that make you fail to focus!

1. Bags from doormat

Image Source

In addition to bags similar to nasi uduk, a few months ago this bag with a mat model was also viral and trendy in America!

2. Guitar bag

Tas seminar.

Carrying this bag feels like a musician.

3. Scary bag!

Image Source

This bag makes your hand look bitten!

4. Meat knife bag

Tas seminar jakarta

If the bag is a model like this, it is guaranteed that there are no beggars who dare to approach! Keburu was scared first because he thought the knife was real!

5. baton bag

Image Source

Judging from its size, this bag cannot accommodate many items. But pretty well, there won’t be anyone who is brave because they think you are carrying a club like someone is making a brawl.

6. Grenade bag

Image Source

If you join the demo, don’t try to carry this bag! Can be suspected of terrorist treason!

7. Chocolate wafer bag

Image Source

Uugh, if you reporters can be mistaken, think of this beautiful handbag, this giant brown wafer! Don’t eat it, guys , it’s  not good!

8. Cake bag

Image Source

Really, this one bag can also make it fail to focus if it’s right again laper!

9. Alien bag

Image Source

The funny thing is this alien shaped bag, makes you look like you’re carrying a Jedi from Star Wars. Especially if it’s complete with the saber light .

10. The last one, can you mention what kind of thing this bag looks like?

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10 Desain Tas Unik dan Gak Biasa Ini Bikin Kamu Gagal Fokus!

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10 Desain Tas Unik dan Gak Biasa Ini Bikin Kamu Gagal Fokus!

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